How accessible is your college?

Oxford Accessibility Project

A student initiative to crowdsource accessibility information for colleges across the University of Oxford.
Inspiration for the University's new College Access Guide.

a more inclusive, accessible oxford for all

Out of sight, out of mind no longer

Founded in 2016, the Oxford Accessibility Project was a student-led initiative working to make Oxford a more accessible and inclusive place for all.

At our peak, more than 150 students, staff and locals volunteered their time to collect detailed accessibility information for Oxford's 38 colleges and permanent private halls. Together, we built the first accessibility guide to Oxford's colleges and permanent private halls in the University's history.

In doing so, we sought to empower the next generation of disabled students, staff and locals to have peace of mind living, studying and socialising in Oxford

Today, our work is continued by the University's Estates Department. See more below.

we're now part of university estates

Where to find us now

In 2020, the University of Oxford and all 44 colleges and permanent private halls agreed to publish their accessibility information in a new College Access Guide, to be managed by the University's Estates Department.

We're proud that our work could serve as the inspiration – and a crucial foundation – for this long overdue resource.

Visit the new College Access Guide today!

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Your Feedback

We built the Oxford Accessibility Project for you – Oxford students, locals and staff, and those who want to become them!

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or concerns – or any that you want us to pass onto the University Estates team as they complete their college audit work – please get in touch via email to